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The Home Care robot 

by meditemi

Home Care in a new dimension Communication, Safety, Entertainment and Daily Home Health Control for elderly people living alone, nursing homes, care services and insurances.

The home care robot reminds to drink water, measure blood pressure. It connects with medisana devices and shares the data with relatives or doctors in real time.

Emergency Assistance Vivatar
from Bosch on board

In case of an emergency the robot cancontact the emergency assistance Vivatar to get support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (currently available in Germany only).

Video call with your doctor

Going to a doctor can be very difficult for elderly people. The home care robot supports video calls with your doctor. (e.g. ELVI from Compugroup announced)

Is my father ok?

Navigate the robot in parent’s appartment any time and anywhere to see if everything is ok, directly from your smartphone.




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